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Double post because I missed yesterday. So, in a continuing series of a challenge whose link I found on facebook through friends’ posts to each other, and nothing actually addressed to me, I present the next challenge:

Day 2

Your Least Favorite Song

Dear God this is even harder than it has any right to be. It’s because I’m insane and even things I hate I can usually find something about them I like. Except people. But people aren’t things, they’re people, and a shitty person deserves my scorn (note: this is not directed at anyone don’t worry).

So, what is my least favorite song? A song I hear on the radio and change the station, or makes me want to punch someone or something… It’s really. REALLY. hard to think of a song that does that to me. I think Imma Be is the dumbest thing ever, and certainly the line “You got some boobies like wow oh wow” are pretty irredeemable, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy them in for their complete ridiculousness.

So what song out there is completely irredeemable to me? What song can I not even enjoy as a joke?

Yesterday. As covered by jay-Z and Linkin Park. It fucking sucks, it sucking fucks, and poor Paul McCartney, he’s on stage and he’s like “What the fuck is this, why am I here? This is awkward. I’m just going to sing my song cause it’s a great song.”

And it ISĀ  agreat song, which makes this cover just… well… it makes me throw up a little. In my mouth. Or else my dinner just didn’t agree with me.

Now, this is nothing about rap. A good rap song is a good song. But I am neither a Linkin Park fan, nor am I a Jay-Z fan.

This was one song I never wanted to hear.



Update: So it turns out that had I checked my facebook email, which I never do, I would have seen that I am not crashing this internet party. Damn.

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