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There has been a lot of talk recently, and for a while now, about video games vs. movies.

As a gamer (and someone who considers herself a hardcore gamer, though that definition caries from person to person), I can see the trend of comparing video games to movies as troubling: video games are inherently different from movies, and I’m not very comfortable with the idea of comparing them to one.

As someone who studies, and consumes, media however, this comparison seems natural.

Video games, in their current iteration, are necessarily visual mediums. The graphical capabilities of these machines is tremendous, and video games have always been moving in the “more realistic” direction, under the simple idea that a human should look like a human, and the  better something looks, the more immersive it will feel.

This is, of course, not a universal approach, nor should it be. One of my favorite games, Psychonauts, uses a more surreal/cartoonish approach to its characters, allowing a game that should look graphically dated today, as clean and fresh as when I first played it, on the XBox… before the 360 was even announced.

Anyway, back to the point: Video games are a visual medium in today’s market. Because of that, and because we are humans, it is only natural to compare to whatever medium is closest to it. That medium is, of course, movies.

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Every list has one of these, so why should mine be any different?
Well, I suppose in the name of being different, I could let it slide, but NO. NO!
I want to write a goddamned honorable mentions list to my Top 10 Co-Dependency List.

So, here it goes, the guys that could have made it on my list if my list had more than 10 slots.

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Sometimes it’s a good thing that pretty much no one reads this blog. It means I can leave certain favorites out of lists and no one gets upset about it, so I don’t have to qualify the obvious omissions of certain moody Final Fantasy characters.

However, this is still my blog, and I still want to defend myself, so I’m going to pretend that someone said: “Why didn’t you include [x-character]?! He’s the BESTEST GUY OMG!!!!!!!!!”

And I will answer you, voice in my head, oooh how will I answer you.

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You may or may not have been able to glean from my previous posts that I am a geek.  I like to consider myself a Gamer Girl, though I am less capable of playing modern games nowadays. But I’ve saved my fair share of worlds. I’ve… I’ve written fanfiction…… I’m currently wearing a Dungeons and Dragon’s t-shirt

Anyway, my point being, I am a chick. And I am a geek.

And sometime in the past 10 years I’ve become a bit of a feminist. Not a huge femi-nazi, though God knows I’ve dealt with tons of those at the ultra-hippy-liberal-arts-stoner college I went to, but still, I take issue with certain attitudes towards and about women that I wouldn’t have when I was 16 (and I mostly thank my college experience for that. It was a pretty awesome time that made me grow as a person… anyway…).

When I was 16, and I read those “top 10 female video game character” lists, I would feel bad about myself for not being pretty.

Now that I’m 26, when I read these lists, I feel something akin to disgust.

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