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So I’ve been a little sick these past few days, and today, I feel better in that I can breath through my nose again, btu apparently all my snot has run down my throat.TMI? Maybe, but shut up, this is my blog, and I feel like I have a little hamster sized ball of phlegm in my throat,

So anyway:

Day 3

A Song That Makes You Happy

Lots of songs make  me happy! But not every song has a story behind it, and this IS  ablog, so, I’m sorry Hot n Cold, youmay makeme a bouncy idiot when I hear you, but the “I heard a band cover this song, and loved it” story is not so internesting.

So, imagine you had a day. Amd I mean A DAY. You’re unemployed and living with your parents who are unhappy with your unemployment and things are just really really tense. You got into an argument with your mom the night before, you’re not sure about what, or why, but it happened and you’re still really pissed off at her for that, partly because you have PMS and partly because it was a stupid argument that really never should have happened because it was an argument over something like ice, or the carpet… it was a stupid argument of the type that would indicate that this relationship is at an end if you were dating. You went on a job search and realized that you did not take money enough to catch the bus home so you have to walk home, and it’s summer, and you’re bloated, and all you’re looking forward to is seeing your friend’s band play because you haven’t seen her in forever and while the music isn’t 100% your kind of music, it’s still fun and she’s still one of your best friends, but you get lost on the way to the club, your sandle breaksso you have to spend the rest of the night barefoot… in NYC… and you arrive late enough to just miss your friend’sset.

Like I said. It was a day.

But you get to hang with your friend, so that’s cool, and she’s sticking around for the next band because she has friends in that band who helped her band get the gig in the first place, and you hear this song:


by Julius C

I WOULD have put up their “Official Unofficial” music video of it, however the internet seems to not admit that this even exists, though I know that it did at one point as well as a live recording at The Village Underground. It also disavows any knowledge that the song had anactual musical shape, though it clearly did, cause there it is.

Of course, the band doesn’t perform it anymore, as it has been morphed into “Ok Ok” a great song in its own right but it’s no “Pretend”, but then, what is?

Had it not been for this song lifting me out of my funk that day, I may have had to kill my mother, and matricide doesn’t look good on your permanent record. Oh, there’s also a good chance I would not have been a fan of the band… so if the ever end up reading this, you only have yourselves to blame.

Next up, day 4. Tomorrow.


PS: I am sucking at NaNo this year, as my widget will attest. Crap.

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