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Growing up we had a variety of pets: hamsters, fish, cats, dogs, and at one point a squirrel.

The very first dog we had as a family (ie: I was born and alive, and this blog is all about me, so any dogs had before my triumphant entry into this world don’t count) was a Keeshond named George (named after the musical inĀ  my dad’s theater at the time, Sunday in the Park with George, and all those Looney Tunes cartoons with the loveable doofus, the Abominable Snowman who constantly asked “Which way did he go George, Which way did he go?”).

We we born around the same time, me and George, so I always considered him my brother. We had lots of fun growing up, such as pulling his tail….

and taking him to the park nearby when it snowed and tried to trickĀ  him by leading him with false prints in the show. He always found us.

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