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Day 16

A Song You Used to Love but Now You Hate

The first time I heard this song, during Final Fantasy VIII, I was like “OMG THIS IS AMAZING ZOOOOOMMMMMMMGGGG”

Then I played the game a second time, and well… despite how really pretty the music is, the lyrics are dull and too literal for my taste, and I don’t like Faye Wong’s voice. And I also don’t like the game.


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Day 15

A Song That Describes You

A few things about this song don’t describe me: I don’t drive (though if I did, my rims wouldn’t spin either). I don’t have braces. I don’t have mow the front lawn. I didn’t go to MIT.I don’t do vector calculus for fun… but I do do long division to kill time. I can’t do Pascal. I’m not fluent in Java or Klingon… but I do know a few phrases… I don’t have a business making websites. Picard is my favorite, not Kirk. I don’t spend every weekend at the Ren Faire… to be fair though, that’s cause there’s not one near enough to me to make that possible. I would though. I also don’t have my name on my underwear… I never understood that, but I think that’s more of a guy thing than a girl thing.I also was never in the A/V club. But that’s because my school didn’t have one.


PS: Does the fact that I made a point to point out the things in a song about being nerdy give me more nerd points?

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Day 14

A Song No One Would Expect You to Like

When asked about my favorite type of music, I usually say everything but country and rap.

Of course, sometimes I happen across something that challenges my preconceptions of what something is. The rap songs I usually heard were misogynistic at least, or were about murder, and hate, or else partying. I’m into none of that noise, but then I heard Stan. And I was like “What? What is this?” but in a good way. It told a story, and it felt important. It had great structure, and used “Thank You” by Dido in a really smart way (another song I love).

I also used to think that it was based on a true story. Not to say something like that hasn’t actually happened. And won’t happen or can’t happen. It’s just a really smart song. And I know no one I know would expect me to like an Eminem song.



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Day 13

A Song That Is a Guilty Pleasure

I don’t know why, but seriously, I love this song. I have no reason for you. No story. Just….




So, I was on facebook a few months ago, and my friend’s status said something along the lines of him not being able to get enough of “Tik Tok” and I was confused, until I read some comments saying that it was a song. My first rection was “Yeah…Tik Tok was awesome in Return to Oz”

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Day 12

A Song from a Band You Hate

Hate is a strong word, and I’m sure if you started naming bands I could think of some that I really hate, but the only thing that came to mind was Kanye West… but that’s just because I think he’s an ass and I hate him. I don’t know his music, so I can’t very well add him to a list primarily about musical taste… I mean, I did hear him rap on “Forever” by Drake… and it was awful… but I like to hold myself to higher standards.

I also thought of Patty LuPone, who I also personally dispise, and Barbra Streisand who I enjoy when she acts in Meet The Fockers, but nothing else… and I really ahte her singing voice… but neither of them can really be called bands. They are singers, and they rarely write their own songs, but rather sing other people’s songs.

So, who did I pick? Whose name fills me with ire? Well… it was going to be Soulja Boy…cause… they’re fucking ridiculous and SHOULDN’T BE FAMOUS YOU GODDAMN IDIOTS but instead I’m falling back on R. Kelly. Because Trapped in the Closet, and the term “Hip-Hopera” are  RI-GOD-DAMN-DICULOUS. I don’t take kindly to people patting themselves on the back for how brilliant they think they are, when the thing they did… was… ARGH! Itjustmakes me GNASH MY TEETH I’M SO ANGRY RRRRAAARRRRGGGGHHHH

and yes, this was years ago… but, again… ire.

You know why? Because he did this:

And I LOVED “I Believe I Can Fly” it was a big song back in the day. I’m pretty sure it was played at my 8th grade Graduation dance.

And then… well…  I just felt betrayed, R.Kelly. Betrayed. Fuck you.


…now I’m angry again. Goddammit R.Kelly!

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Day 10
A Song That Makes You Fall Asleep

FF4 Piano Collection – Melody of Lute

Final Fantasy 4 Celtic Moon 08 Melody Of Lute

The Celtic Moon version is my favorite.

I don’t think much needs to be said for this song. I love it. I think it’s one of the prettiest songs from the Final Fantasy series, it’s from my favorite game in the series, and is just… lovely. I could listen to this looping for hours, except I’ll fall asleep during it.
Celtic Moon is one of my favorite albums to put on and fall asleep to. It’s atmospheric, moody, and evocative. I close my eyes and envision ballets, and lyrics, and stories set to these pieces. Some are sadder than others, some are bouncy and wonderful. This one I like for being beautiful and happy and a bit of a lullaby, and also a bit melancholy (for the record the first time this song is heard in the game, it is played by Edward, a bard, and a prince, for his girlfriend Anna, who died saving him, and I think the lullaby quality is a perfect tone for a song that’s both a song for saying “goodbye”, and a song saying “I love you”)

Yes, I am a geek. And chances are things are only going to get geekier here on out.

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Day 9

A Song That You Can Dance To

Dear Hot N’ Cold, I’ve mentioned you about 3 or 4 times now in this series, that you think I might have put you here…and I was, until this song came on my iPod and I forgot I even had it, and I was like FUUUUUCCCKKKK YEEESSSSSS! And well… quite frankly… it’s a better song. Not that you’re not fun and bouncy in your own right, and I DO dance to you when no one’s looking, but I haven’t cultivated a strange story about a giant robot eating everyone in the world to you.



Dear Science is Golden, yes, it’s true I have forgotten about you as a song, and for the forgetting and the fact that your band hasn’t been on David Letterman, I thought maybe I should highlight you, but you actually have a for real music video, whereas this song does not, and I think is probably one of those songs that I think is really awesome, and so do other fans, but is quite frankly under appreciated by the band and the majority of fans of this band. Also, your music video neither matches up with the crazy color-explosion-dance-extravaganza I feel you should be, nor does it compare to a giant robot eating eating the world.



Dear Jukebox The Ghost, never make a music video to this song please, because it won’t be about a giant robot eating the world, and then I’ll be sad.



(This is the live version, which I always prefer to the album version. Live music tends to be better when the band is really talented)


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Day 8

A Song You Know All the Words to

Back in high school my global teacher made us study this song as a way to understand and connect our lives to modern history. So, because I’m me, I learned the song.

Also, it was the first time I reazlied the lyric went:

“Space monkey, Mafia” and not “Space monkey mafia”

A Space Monkey Mafia would be awesome though.


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Day 7

A Song That Reminds You of a Certain Event

Going to keep these next few short and non-blabbing, because I can. Yeah. I rocklike that.

Anyway, a song that reminds me of a certain event is

Specifically it remind me of Thanksgiving. You know how people get nostalgic for certain things, well I hear this and I get nostalgic for being a child and the magic that surrounded Christmas. It was pretty much prohibited in my house until after the Macy*s Thanksgiving Day Parade, when dad would put on this song, and mom would take Christmas decorations out and start decorating. Yeah. Good times.


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Day 6

A Song That Reminds You of Somewhere

So many many choices here, since I’m one of those people who associates things with other things. For example, the song Blind, by The Talking Heads? Reminds me of that time we were driving back from my cousins’ in Long Island, and it was late at night, I know cause it was summer, and it was dark out. I don’t remember much, but I do remember that specifically. There’s a bunch of songs I can associate with France, either because it was sung at karaoke, or because I was listening to it on my cd player while I rode my bike.

Soul Coughing, in general, reminds me of specific events back in college.

But College was a big deal for me, I remember being there, and enjoying the hell out of myself. Should I have paid more attention to my studies? Yes. Very much yes. But it’s hard t regret a time full of great friends and a lot of laughs, and few frustrations. Even the people I’m not friends with anymore, the people I lost touch with, or had a falling out with, it’s hard for me to be sad or angry about the entire relationship because I had such a good time with them at school, that I can’t help but smile.

In this category, there was place, an on campus apartment, that I hung out at a lot. It was called The Boat, because we were pirates, and I can’t tell you how cool it was that these juniors who I thought were really really cool, deigned to hang out with me, a lowly freshman.

That year there was a snowstorm that gave us a snow day. So a friend of mine, and myself, went over to The Boat, where we watched The Transformers: The Animated Movie (the only Transformers movie, IMO), and one of our friends, the one I had a huge crush on at the time, talked about this song, and its repetitive, yet awesome, nature. As he sang the chorus and performed repetitive movements (such as opening and closing cabinet doors), we were all cracking up. So more than just a place, I remember a time as well, a damn good time, whenever I hear


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