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I was out all day, and I have a Halloween Party tomorrow, so I am preparing a blog post for that, so today, I’m offering you just a few moment out of my life.

1.) Outclassed:

I have no advice for you if you feel outclassed.  I say that because for the first time ever I knew I was outclassed.

Let me start at the beginning…. no the beginning’s boring, let me start at the middle.

Dinner was good, and he suggested we go back t his place. So we did.

There was a security gate, and the lobby felt like I was walking into some museum.

For my entire life, I was pretty happy, feeling that, though my family wasn’t rich, we were middle class and comfortable.

And then he showed me the roof, and his 1 bedroom apartment. In Manhattan.That was not the size of a bathroom. My friends’ apartment could fit in there.

For the first time in my life, I realized how devastatingly poor I really am.

So, of course, I have to stay with this guy… if only to milk him dry*.

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I have no idea what general age group will end up reading my blog, even accidentally. I suspect enough of them are my peers so that when I mention the words “Rescue 911” they know the full meaning of my subject title today. But I accept that maybe some of you grew up in Idaho without a television, or are old and didn’t know there was programming on the television after Ed Sullivan went off the air. Or you’re really young and think I’m some sort of dinosaur-fossil-saurus-lady, a walking skeleton-dinosaur who happens to be female… like those Dry Bones from Super Mario Brothers… only, you know, a dinosaur and not a turtle.

That's the best I could come up with...

Like I was saying, you may be young enough to think I hand fed Dino, the dinosaur on the Flintstones… but you’d also be too young to even know what I’m referencing.

In the event that you are deprived, old, or stupid young, let me give you a rundown of this show.

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Growing up we had a variety of pets: hamsters, fish, cats, dogs, and at one point a squirrel.

The very first dog we had as a family (ie: I was born and alive, and this blog is all about me, so any dogs had before my triumphant entry into this world don’t count) was a Keeshond named George (named after the musical in  my dad’s theater at the time, Sunday in the Park with George, and all those Looney Tunes cartoons with the loveable doofus, the Abominable Snowman who constantly asked “Which way did he go George, Which way did he go?”).

We we born around the same time, me and George, so I always considered him my brother. We had lots of fun growing up, such as pulling his tail….

and taking him to the park nearby when it snowed and tried to trick  him by leading him with false prints in the show. He always found us.

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I am working on a proper blog post because I would like to blog something everyday, and because it is almost midnight where I am, and I am not done with it, I wanted to post something. So I want to introduce you to my rats, Brisby and Basil

Brisby Says Hi

Basil, however, is more interested in that corner

I bought them on September 1st, so that is officially their birthday as far as I’m concerned, and their tails are sooo long! I’m also just crazy about their front paws.

I used to like the movei Ratatouille – and I still do, though that in no way influenced my decision on buying rats. What sold me on them was learning about them as pets.They’re smart and funny and playful and like to be interacted with.

Basil likes being held, and Brisby does not. She instead prefers to run away from my hand, unless there’s food in it, or climb up it and go for a run around the house. Or really the dirty laundry, because that’s the only place I allow them to play since they have to stay in my room.

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A while ago I used to have a webcomic on drunkduck. It wasn’t very successful, but it did have a few followers which was nice. Spurred on by the fact that I had 10 regular readers, I decided to make a new webcomic that dealt with issues outside of my original comic (which was silly because my original comic had a broad enough scope to handle things from LARPing to Animal Creulty). But I suppose it was because the idea was that it would focus specifically on working in retail and not open to anything outside of it, that I figured it merited its own comic. I named it Black Friday, and never did anything with it. If I were to log on to drunk duck right now,  it would still be there, devoid of comics.

But it was while I worked in retail that a passing childhood daydream became straight-up fantasy.

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I had a really great night a few weeks ago. And it was one of those nights that, looking back on it, I’m still stoked about it.

To truly understand this remarkable night, I have to take you back to my second semester of my freshman year at college.  I don’t remember the night specifically, but I think it was a weeknight, and I remember being really depressed about something. I don’t know what, maybe I had a fight with a friend, or the guy I had a rush on had a girlfriend, or I failed a test, or all my friends went to dinner without me and never told me… or something stupid.

Anyway, I was walking around the campus,  glum because I was in my “if people see I am sad maybe they will cheer me up and I will find the love of the my life because he didn’t want to see me sad” phase. It was a dumb phase. But I did run into a friend. Well, she wasn’t really a friend friend at the time. She was someone who was friends with a group of people I wanted to be able to call friends, and while I think they called me their friend at the time, I didn’t feel like I was because they were all juniors and I was not so I felt like a 3-year-old and that they just humored me because that’s what you do to a three-year old.

Anyway, she was friends with them, and because I hung out with them sometimes I recognized her and knew her name, and she knew mine, and that was good enough I suppose. She was walking somewhere with intent, and came across me.

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I like to think that I hide how actually neurotic I am quite well, and that even my friends wouldn’t know I harbor these thoughts of how much of an idiot I look like at the moment, or worse: could look in a moment. I have no idea where these things come from, but they exist, and some of them are just weird. I’ll share the weird ones with you. I’m sure I have some depressing ones and some frightening ones… you don’t need to know them.

So, in no order of how much these thoughts plague me, please enjoy my first neurosis:

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