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I was out all day, and I have a Halloween Party tomorrow, so I am preparing a blog post for that, so today, I’m offering you just a few moment out of my life.

1.) Outclassed:

I have no advice for you if you feel outclassed.  I say that because for the first time ever I knew I was outclassed.

Let me start at the beginning…. no the beginning’s boring, let me start at the middle.

Dinner was good, and he suggested we go back t his place. So we did.

There was a security gate, and the lobby felt like I was walking into some museum.

For my entire life, I was pretty happy, feeling that, though my family wasn’t rich, we were middle class and comfortable.

And then he showed me the roof, and his 1 bedroom apartment. In Manhattan.That was not the size of a bathroom. My friends’ apartment could fit in there.

For the first time in my life, I realized how devastatingly poor I really am.

So, of course, I have to stay with this guy… if only to milk him dry*.

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