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BBBAAAAAWWWWW is the sound they make…. that's descriptive enough, right?

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So, for my screen toolkit class, we had to make a completely audio project. This is the result.

There are a few parts I sort of want to edit again, but they are the parts I had a hard time making work in the first place. The piece wasn’t right without them, and they felt a little sloppy with them. Guh.

But I really enjoyed working on this, and am somewhat proud of the result. The video is on the youtubes because I can’t upload videos to this blog.

I have to go now because someone is staring at me. I think they need this computer, and I’m done. Just so you know, person reading over my shoulder, my hard drive is formatted for a Mac, and I have a PC at home. Rest assured I’m not using this machine for a program I could easily use on a PC. You could always stare angrily at that person a few stations down using a $2500 computer for facebook and email.

Yes. You.

…Nope, I can’t. This youtube uploading is slow work. Also, brush your teeth.

Yes, I AM checking my facebook now. Stop sighing. My upload’s at 90%. I want to get out of here too you know, and I have to commute an hour. Trust me I’m not here for the lulz.

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You may or may not have been able to glean from my previous posts that I am a geek.  I like to consider myself a Gamer Girl, though I am less capable of playing modern games nowadays. But I’ve saved my fair share of worlds. I’ve… I’ve written fanfiction…… I’m currently wearing a Dungeons and Dragon’s t-shirt

Anyway, my point being, I am a chick. And I am a geek.

And sometime in the past 10 years I’ve become a bit of a feminist. Not a huge femi-nazi, though God knows I’ve dealt with tons of those at the ultra-hippy-liberal-arts-stoner college I went to, but still, I take issue with certain attitudes towards and about women that I wouldn’t have when I was 16 (and I mostly thank my college experience for that. It was a pretty awesome time that made me grow as a person… anyway…).

When I was 16, and I read those “top 10 female video game character” lists, I would feel bad about myself for not being pretty.

Now that I’m 26, when I read these lists, I feel something akin to disgust.

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Day 15

A Song That Describes You

A few things about this song don’t describe me: I don’t drive (though if I did, my rims wouldn’t spin either). I don’t have braces. I don’t have mow the front lawn. I didn’t go to MIT.I don’t do vector calculus for fun… but I do do long division to kill time. I can’t do Pascal. I’m not fluent in Java or Klingon… but I do know a few phrases… I don’t have a business making websites. Picard is my favorite, not Kirk. I don’t spend every weekend at the Ren Faire… to be fair though, that’s cause there’s not one near enough to me to make that possible. I would though. I also don’t have my name on my underwear… I never understood that, but I think that’s more of a guy thing than a girl thing.I also was never in the A/V club. But that’s because my school didn’t have one.


PS: Does the fact that I made a point to point out the things in a song about being nerdy give me more nerd points?

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