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So this is it. This is me saying I will not look at this again because if I do I will find something else to edit. And I’ll keep on editing it until it’s  lost all meaning…

not that there’s a lot of meaning to this of course, but you know what I mean.

Anyway, it took my professor 20  minutes to get the joke, and she fixed some editing problems.

So, the final version of my very first video project ever.


She Was Trouble from Jill Pullara on Vimeo.

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After leaving the project for a night, i decided I didn’t like it as much as I had originally and went back to edit it again. There’s still some problems, but I’m a bit happier with this version, and I’m going to stop editing it because it’ll just be like trying to cut a straight edge on a piece of paper with scissors: I’ll keep trying and trying to get a perfect straight line, but can’t, and end up with nothing left.

Also known as George Lucasing it.

The second reason is that the class this is due for is in 1 hour and 15 minutes, so I really can’t keep on editing it.

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I do this thing called “going back to college after 5 years” so every now and again, I have an essay to write. Recently I had to do an ethnography on gaming, and chose to do mine on Paw live streaming playing King’s Quest VII.

This essay is solid B+ material, and would have probably warranted an A if I had referenced some of the readings we’ve done.

I decided to put this here since, in my view, it was a successful paper, and it might be  an entertaining read for some people… even Paw said it was “Good stuff!” so, my ego bolstered, here you go:

Meta-Games in a Socialized Single Player Game

“It looks like you could use a hook,

Too bad you have an empty book”

Video Games have always been a social experience: crowds at arcades, best friends, MMOs – gamers love to share games, even single player games.  Years ago, a gamer would have the benefit of one “backseat gamer”: someone to tell the player when to jump, refill health, or look out behind them; someone to write down the password, or remember key facts; someone to suggest a puzzle solution. Now, with the internet making it possible to connect with people around the world, people have found new ways to share video games: the live stream them.

“Paw” and “PushinupRoses”, the internet handles of two video contributors for That Guy With the Glasses (, decided to stream a play-through of “King’s Quest VII: The Princeless Bride” – a single player graphic adventure game published by Sierra Online in 1994. Along with Paw, and a few other people commenting along to the game (in a Mystery Science Theater 3000 fashion), there was a chat room where friends and fans (roughly 80) could also comment along.

I observed a few interesting things

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