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I had a really great night a few weeks ago. And it was one of those nights that, looking back on it, I’m still stoked about it.

To truly understand this remarkable night, I have to take you back to my second semester of my freshman year at college.  I don’t remember the night specifically, but I think it was a weeknight, and I remember being really depressed about something. I don’t know what, maybe I had a fight with a friend, or the guy I had a rush on had a girlfriend, or I failed a test, or all my friends went to dinner without me and never told me… or something stupid.

Anyway, I was walking around the campus,  glum because I was in my “if people see I am sad maybe they will cheer me up and I will find the love of the my life because he didn’t want to see me sad” phase. It was a dumb phase. But I did run into a friend. Well, she wasn’t really a friend friend at the time. She was someone who was friends with a group of people I wanted to be able to call friends, and while I think they called me their friend at the time, I didn’t feel like I was because they were all juniors and I was not so I felt like a 3-year-old and that they just humored me because that’s what you do to a three-year old.

Anyway, she was friends with them, and because I hung out with them sometimes I recognized her and knew her name, and she knew mine, and that was good enough I suppose. She was walking somewhere with intent, and came across me.

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