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Since November is NaNoWriMo and I don’t want to take time away from crafting a masterpiece of a novel by thinking of a topic for a blog post, writing the content, re-writing it, potentially drawing pictures, futzing with the website itself, and just hoping that there’s some comedic or entertainment value in it, I can skip a step. I like skipping steps. Skipping steps are fun.

So I saw on the facebook, which I rarely go on, that some of my friends are doing a 30 Day Song Challenge and while I wasn’t OFFICIALLY asked to make my own list *ahem* I figured I might as well do it myself. It seems like a fun challenge, and because I’m too chicken to actually crash a real party, I might as well turn up uninvited to a virtual one.

Day 1:

My Favorite Song

I’ve looked at these challenges, and some are really really tricky, but this one seems the most unfair. How do people choose their FAVORITE song? How can someone have a definitive favorite song? That’s not right. That’s inhuman. Like, right now, I could say that Hot n Cold by Katy Perry, as performed by Nightmare River Band*, is my favorite song. Cause I listen to it. A lot. Right now. But that is in no way my favorite song, despite my current obsession.

But no, if I look at it, boil it down, to what makes a song a favorite, and think of all the songs I have, it really became a choice between two songs from one, and while I absolutely LOVE APoem on the Underground Wall, the winner has to be America by Simon and Garfunkel

I grew up on Classic Rock, so a lot of my memories to those songs are connected with a time and a place, and mostly centers around my family. There are many many good memories there, but America is the first song, I think, that I “discovered” on my own, as it were. I don’t know when, or how I found it, though I blame Cecelia, as that was the first Simon and Garfunkel song I recognized as a Simon and Garfunkel song (associated with my first cat, Mooky), and wanted to hear more. I’m sure it was o a CD somewhere that my parents had, probably their greatest hits cd, and I listened to it all the time. I was an adolescent at the time, somewhere between 12 and 14.

My love for Simon and Garfunkel has grown to the point where I can easily call them my favorite band and not second guess myself. And America is en excellent example of everything a song is capable of doing: creating a moment in time, a story, and an atmosphere. Listening to the song, I can practically smell the bus. And I’ve been on buses like that. They smell pretty funky. People are smelly is what I’m saying. But you can feel the excitment of this trip, the joy of young love, and feel the spontenaeity about it, as though Paul Simon said to his girlfriend then and tere “Hey, you know what woud be a good idea? Let’s travel cross country!” and his girlfriend said “That is the best idea ever!” and they went.

Also, counting the cars on the New Jersey turnpike? Not so fun.




(if you are ashamed to admit you like Hot n’ Cold, now you don’t have to be)

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