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Remember in my other post about Repo! The Genetic Opera I was all like “I liked it, and if someone were to give it to me I’d be really happy, but I’m super cheap and broke so I wouldn’t buy it, but I also would rather ait to own it and not pirate it?”

While the situations and events haven’t changed, a few days later it’s stuck in my head, and I’ll likely re-watch it tomorrow after class, and while I still won’t buy it, it’s really only because it’s streaming on netflix right now and I’ve already bought seasons 1 and 2 of Pete & Pete, and had to buy some things for a baby shower, and reserve a room for Pax, as well as a train ticket to boston, you know, with the whole “I’m going to Pax East” thing.

…If I didn’t have that going on I would totally buy it. And the soundtrack. Because Zydrate Anatomy and Chase the Morning echo around in my head like horrible…echo… things…


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Sometimes it’s a good thing that pretty much no one reads this blog. It means I can leave certain favorites out of lists and no one gets upset about it, so I don’t have to qualify the obvious omissions of certain moody Final Fantasy characters.

However, this is still my blog, and I still want to defend myself, so I’m going to pretend that someone said: “Why didn’t you include [x-character]?! He’s the BESTEST GUY OMG!!!!!!!!!”

And I will answer you, voice in my head, oooh how will I answer you.

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