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Saturday, Shakespeare in the Park gave out vouchers in Staten Island. Since that’s where I dwell, and because it’s free, and because my mom and I go to Shakespeare in the Park every year, we went, and waited for 3 or 4 hours to get vouchers to go see Measure for Measure.

It was a very uninteresting day of course. I mean, it was a great day, just, if you weren’t there, then you wouldn’t care. The short version is that it was full of clapping and babies.

Anyway. It was hot, and I realized something:

My mom just stopped responding to these things.


And you know it’s true. They never had to deal with UV radiation, sun burn, and horrible horrible humidity. Or any weather for that matter.

I think splicers is a small price to pay for that.

And you know what? I remembered sun screen! I did not, however, remember that the sun works in 3 dimensions, and so my back got burnt. Not that bad. I’ve had worse. But it still sucked.

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I made this up when I was a kid, having browsed through a Green Lantern comic, seen and then forgotten the Oath. I still think it’s pretty awesome.

In brightest day

In darkest night

No evil will escape my might

Let fools be killed with dynamite

Cause I’m Green Lantern, out-a-sight




Day 16

A Song You Used to Love but Now You Hate

The first time I heard this song, during Final Fantasy VIII, I was like “OMG THIS IS AMAZING ZOOOOOMMMMMMMGGGG”

Then I played the game a second time, and well… despite how really pretty the music is, the lyrics are dull and too literal for my taste, and I don’t like Faye Wong’s voice. And I also don’t like the game.


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Day 8

A Song You Know All the Words to

Back in high school my global teacher made us study this song as a way to understand and connect our lives to modern history. So, because I’m me, I learned the song.

Also, it was the first time I reazlied the lyric went:

“Space monkey, Mafia” and not “Space monkey mafia”

A Space Monkey Mafia would be awesome though.


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Day 7

A Song That Reminds You of a Certain Event

Going to keep these next few short and non-blabbing, because I can. Yeah. I rocklike that.

Anyway, a song that reminds me of a certain event is

Specifically it remind me of Thanksgiving. You know how people get nostalgic for certain things, well I hear this and I get nostalgic for being a child and the magic that surrounded Christmas. It was pretty much prohibited in my house until after the Macy*s Thanksgiving Day Parade, when dad would put on this song, and mom would take Christmas decorations out and start decorating. Yeah. Good times.


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I was out all day, and I have a Halloween Party tomorrow, so I am preparing a blog post for that, so today, I’m offering you just a few moment out of my life.

1.) Outclassed:

I have no advice for you if you feel outclassed.  I say that because for the first time ever I knew I was outclassed.

Let me start at the beginning…. no the beginning’s boring, let me start at the middle.

Dinner was good, and he suggested we go back t his place. So we did.

There was a security gate, and the lobby felt like I was walking into some museum.

For my entire life, I was pretty happy, feeling that, though my family wasn’t rich, we were middle class and comfortable.

And then he showed me the roof, and his 1 bedroom apartment. In Manhattan.That was not the size of a bathroom. My friends’ apartment could fit in there.

For the first time in my life, I realized how devastatingly poor I really am.

So, of course, I have to stay with this guy… if only to milk him dry*.

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I am working on a proper blog post because I would like to blog something everyday, and because it is almost midnight where I am, and I am not done with it, I wanted to post something. So I want to introduce you to my rats, Brisby and Basil

Brisby Says Hi

Basil, however, is more interested in that corner

I bought them on September 1st, so that is officially their birthday as far as I’m concerned, and their tails are sooo long! I’m also just crazy about their front paws.

I used to like the movei Ratatouille – and I still do, though that in no way influenced my decision on buying rats. What sold me on them was learning about them as pets.They’re smart and funny and playful and like to be interacted with.

Basil likes being held, and Brisby does not. She instead prefers to run away from my hand, unless there’s food in it, or climb up it and go for a run around the house. Or really the dirty laundry, because that’s the only place I allow them to play since they have to stay in my room.

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