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PAX East Decompression Report

For the abridged version of my time spent at PAX East, you could easily just read my tweets from between March 10TH through March 14th, and I would recommend that as well, since I think they are brilliant insights into my thought process and general state of mind at the time of tweeting those. Of course there are long breaks between tweets because I was busy being at PAX East. I would tweet whenever there was some down time, and there wasn’t much of that.
Actually, for a fun fact, I’m typing this on the train home, so I’m likely to tweet during the typening and I’ll put in brackets any thoughts that occur to me [such as: “My ears just popped. I hate that”. Brilliant, I know].
But let’s begin with Thursday, since that’s when this pilgrimage began.
As you may suspect, Thursday was not the most exciting PAX-related day. It was a good day though. If you’ll recall my tweets though, there was a bad smell following me around everywhere, and I would right now like to apologize to anyone who had to stand close to me, since I’m pretty sure the funk rubbed off on my clothes, because the smell was so stuck in the fibers of my backpack that… I don’t know… it was doom for noses from the start.

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