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Just… reading this back to myself before publishing it, I just want to warn any family members that may read this (And some friends who may not want any TMI) to… uh, not read this… No… seriously, just. Skip it.

While just browsing the web the other night, after the whole Scott Adams thing, I ended up on some MRA sites, and I ended up on a lot of feminist sites.

While there are a lot of things I could say about MRS sites, and MRAs in general, I decided to post something different here.

See, I ran into this post which lists all the warning signs that a man is a rape-supporter.

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Well, 2010 is over in roughly an hour, and I think it would be a good time to take stock of everything that’s happened this year that has led up to tonight, and will lead into tomorrow.

Years are such small things, before you even realize it, they’re over, and what do we have to show for it?

Well, let’s start at


My final days at FAO Schwarz, working in a very specialized department there was no need to keep me on, so I spent more time at home, and the shelter, and worked on an idea for a webseries called Out of Game, about two female LARPers who let a square move in with them in order to make rent. Adj and I work on it for a while, get the first episode finished, and then it sits.


Something occured on Valentine’s Day. I don’t remember what I did or where I went or who I did it with, but if I recall properly it wasn’t romantic, and either dinner or a board game was involved.


Got a job at Macy*s

Attended PAX East and got turned on to indie table top RPGs. Won a bunch of pens. Got back in touch with a friend I hadn’t seen since college. Played D&D. Met the LRR crew.

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Every list has one of these, so why should mine be any different?
Well, I suppose in the name of being different, I could let it slide, but NO. NO!
I want to write a goddamned honorable mentions list to my Top 10 Co-Dependency List.

So, here it goes, the guys that could have made it on my list if my list had more than 10 slots.

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Sometimes it’s a good thing that pretty much no one reads this blog. It means I can leave certain favorites out of lists and no one gets upset about it, so I don’t have to qualify the obvious omissions of certain moody Final Fantasy characters.

However, this is still my blog, and I still want to defend myself, so I’m going to pretend that someone said: “Why didn’t you include [x-character]?! He’s the BESTEST GUY OMG!!!!!!!!!”

And I will answer you, voice in my head, oooh how will I answer you.

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