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Some of you may have been witness to my brain in an uncensored form last night. I don’t know if I should apologize or not. Some of you may be like “Wha? What happened?” because you are one of 3 people who aren’t on twitter, or else one of the bajillions who don’t follow me. You should remedy that. Cause you never know when a night like last night will happen.

Some people drunk tweet. I have. My drunk tweets are usually misspelled and esoteric (which is just a fancy way of saying that only 5 people in the entire world will actually get those tweets, and they were probably the 5 people I went out and got drunk with). What I did last night was tweet while waaaay over-tired.

“But it was only 10pm”

I know reader, I know. Used to be a time I could stay up until 4am without being overtired, but as recently as two weeks ago I started going to sleep at a regular time and waking up early (neither of which, I’ll note, is a “normal” time, IMO). There are 2 reasons for this:

1.) I start classes next Monday, and had orientation all this week, so I knew I needed to be able to be up and out the door by 8:30

2.) I was (and still am) addicted to Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 to the point that I would play them well past 4am, and it just got to a level of ridiculousness that I new the only way to solve this was to stay up for 24 hours straight. I succeeded at this a few weeks ago by playing Mass Effect 2, and beating it, for… like… 18 hours. After a few rocky noghts of my body being all “What the crap is this, I don’t want to go to bed now!” I get tired around 7:30pm, end up in bed by 8:30 and asleep by 9 generally.

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Day 9

A Song That You Can Dance To

Dear Hot N’ Cold, I’ve mentioned you about 3 or 4 times now in this series, that you think I might have put you here…and I was, until this song came on my iPod and I forgot I even had it, and I was like FUUUUUCCCKKKK YEEESSSSSS! And well… quite frankly… it’s a better song. Not that you’re not fun and bouncy in your own right, and I DO dance to you when no one’s looking, but I haven’t cultivated a strange story about a giant robot eating everyone in the world to you.



Dear Science is Golden, yes, it’s true I have forgotten about you as a song, and for the forgetting and the fact that your band hasn’t been on David Letterman, I thought maybe I should highlight you, but you actually have a for real music video, whereas this song does not, and I think is probably one of those songs that I think is really awesome, and so do other fans, but is quite frankly under appreciated by the band and the majority of fans of this band. Also, your music video neither matches up with the crazy color-explosion-dance-extravaganza I feel you should be, nor does it compare to a giant robot eating eating the world.



Dear Jukebox The Ghost, never make a music video to this song please, because it won’t be about a giant robot eating the world, and then I’ll be sad.



(This is the live version, which I always prefer to the album version. Live music tends to be better when the band is really talented)


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