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The Home of the Cyber Shark(s)

BBBAAAAAWWWWW is the sound they make…. that's descriptive enough, right?

Team Cyber Shark is a phrase that exists for a variety of silly reasons, mostly having to do with Rifts. Because Jillers had a desire to do stuff that required the name of a group of people to produce things that really hasn’t come to fruition as of yet, she took the idea of a Cyborg Shark from a script, the line being written by her bestest real life friend A, who hasn’t strangled Jillers yet so that’s probably a good thing, and changed it to Cyber Shark because it’s easier to say without messing up. Because more than one person was involved with this, the idea of “team” got tossed in there at some point, and Jillers just can’t let things die. She’s one of those people.

The idea of this website was to have a place where Jillers, A, and their other friends, mostly consisting of A’s fiance (there’s should be an accent there, but Jillers’ fails at that kind of thing), can put some of their creative pursuits.

While Jillers has not given up on the idea, and hope that A and her fiance will post some of their writing and art works, she admits that maybe she’s more excited about the idea than they are, and has made this pretty much her blog and creative dump site until further notice… only there won’t be any notice, other stuff that isn’t Jillers’ will just turn up, she hopes, from time to time, and you’ll have to deal with that.

Hopefully the contributors will remember to say who they are, cause Jillers is happy to take credit for other people’s hard work any day, especially if it makes people think she’s talented.

“I’ll be a shark with cyborg fins, and laser eyes. He wears a water helmet so he can breath!”

One day Jillers hopes the epic take of Cyber Shark will be told.

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