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Project Runway Live Blog and Recap

You know, I’ve never done one of these before, but I’ve read a lot of them, and figure “What the hell” you know? I’ve been watching this show since season 1 “(my freshman year in college… I didn’t actually watch the season, but my suitmates were into it and so I caught the last episode and was hooked).

So, Last Time on Project Runway:

Mondo wins!

Because this is my blog and I can rewrite history if I want.

Ok ok… Gretchen won… because. I don’t know… apparently last year mud brown was really in… Don’t tell any of my friends or the people walking around NYC though, because YOU’D NEVER KNOW. Seriously, all I’ve seen and been into, are colors and patterns. Very retro, very bright, mostly form fitting, though sun dresses are A+

Of course, what do I know? I’m just an overweight loser with no eye for fashion of course.

Rewatching the last episode of last season, I heard the most bullshit reason for Gretchen’s win… and it was so subtle I honestly missed it in my astonishment that Nina and Michael could actually consider Gretchen’s collection:

There’s a ton of people doing coture, but besides Michael Kors, who’s doing sportswear runway shows?

No, watch it again, it’s subtle, it’s slight, and Mike says it. Yeah, that’s right, I’m calling himi Mike. When he earns my respect again, he may get bumped up to Michael. It’ll take a while before I use his full name again. I can’t think of a nickname for Nina off the top of my head though, Neen? Nin? Meh, what’s it matter. They’re both crazy to me.

All I remember about Gretchen is being bored by her designs and disgusted at her personality (I know I’m going to offend people by saying this, but the west coast, portland, seatlle, etc… “artiste” personalities really set my teeth on edge, moreso than the eastcoast ones, but they’re on my list too, don’t worry).

So, the Season 9 Casting Special: It starts! I actually really like these.

Cecelia. From Woodside. Impress the fuck out of me.

I did like that dress, that black and white one. Neat rouching and lines. Boring shift dress though.

Oh, she’s gonna’ be one of those bitchy competitors. I’m sure I’m going to hate her if she gets on.

Fuck Julie. Anyone who still uses a skateboard can go burn in hell. Skateboards are lame and everyone who rides them are rude teenagers. Ever Tony Hawk. ESPECIALLY Tony Hawk.

Is she designing for sherpas? Bleh.

Priveledged Pretty Girl with tiny dog? From the Western Kentucky Design Program? I did like that red dress, dammit. I hate liking designs from people I hate.

No no no… I’m done with the term “fierce” it’s over. Pass. I don’t like Victor. It’s not being forward, it’s being a bitch honey.

Miss Trinidad is really pretty. But did she say she designs for the curvy woman, or did I mis-hear? She does seem sweet and real. Hopefully her designs will be wow.

That guy didn’t stand out at all. Sorry.  Also I hate those type of glasses. Everyone who wears them now seems so insincere and that they’re trying too hard.

This guy looks like a fool. I don’t like his style. Sirty hipster style with semi emo bangs. AND THAT STUPID HAT WHY DO PEOPLE WEAR THOSE WHEN IT’S NOT WINTER?! GRAHHHHHHH stupid Sean Penn.

Meh. Leanne Already did the geometric shape thing. I’m uninterested.

..Snuggly Bear. He will forever be Snuggly Bear. Hm…. I kinda like some of the stuff sorta… I don;t know.

No Becky. I just don’t know about that.

That’s a cute dress. I could see my freind wearing it, that kimono one? Yeah, totally her. Bert seems a little boring personality wise but I honestly have no problems with that. He seems to know who he is and what he is capable of, but I worry he won’t be able to push himself.

Kimberly seems an ok person… but I’m not so into her design. Still pretty awesome for being self-taught, and I would kill to be able to pull off that deep red/purple dress with that bright red belt. That does look awesome. And that pink dress looks awesome on her.

Hmmm…. not digging on that brown prom dressy thing. I like his dog though.

I like that vest. I’m a sucker for interesting and well tailored vests. Unfortunately they segment me. But yes! Amelia Aerhardt! Seth Aaron’s right on with that.

Nah, not big on his stuff. Don’t like pleats.

This dude reminds me of a guy I knew in high school… No. Seriously… I wonder if Phil changed his name… and started talking in a higher register. I don’t know about his stuff though. He may be an over-thinker

I like his style. Suspenders are AWESOME (guys, pay attention).

I loved Seth Aaron btw.

Ooooh I like that fur looking thing. And that paper dress thing. And those stripes. Not the feathers…. I like, and I hope she can create things given tight constraints.

Next girl… I am not feeling any of that. Sorry guys. But, nice vest.  Seriously, she gets a yes? Ew.

Amanda.. that’s a bad name. If your name is Amanda, I suggest changing it.

But I like that half green… grrrrr…. AND FLOWER SCISSORS?! GAH!

Amanda’s going to be one of those hit and miss competitors and won’t last long.


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