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I used to be a big fan of Dilbert. I enjoyed the humor, and Catbert, and when I worked in an office the strip really worked for me. However, I find a hard time enjoying someone’s work when I see their personality and don’t like it. Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson for example. Also Kevin Kline. So now it comes down to Scott Adams, I can’t read Dilbert anymore.

A few months ago he wrote a post, since removed, saying in a nutshell that the world is unfair towards me, and that men need to suck it up and stop complaining. Short form, that doesn’t seem bad, except that in his diatribe about men’s rights and women’s right, he makes it clear his view point is that women need to be given in to, not because our demands are rational and there is still an inequality in the world between men and women, but because we are irrational, and there’s no point in fighting it.

So, here we are again, with Scott Adams seeing the men of the world as victims.

The part that interests me is that society is organized in such a way that the natural instincts of men are shameful and criminal while the natural instincts of women are mostly legal and acceptable. In other words, men are born as round pegs in a society full of square holes. Whose fault is that? Do you blame the baby who didn’t ask to be born male? Or do you blame the society that brought him into the world, all round-pegged and turgid, and said, “Here’s your square hole”?

First, this paints filandering men as completely normal, and merely acting the way that men do. That primarily does a disservice to men, and doesn’t recognize the fact that it was not women, but men, who made the world what it is today. If society frowns on men seeking out as much sex with as many different partners as possible, then that is the fault of men deciding that that is unacceptable, not women.

Second, this also suggests that women don’t also have the same urges and instincts as men. It’s a known fact that women, as well as men, cheat, and sleep around. What is a woman’s instinct anyway? And how would Scott Adams know what that is?

To be fair, if a man meets and marries the right woman, and she fulfills his needs, he might have no desire to tweet his meat to strangers. Everyone is different.  But in general, society is organized as a virtual prison for men’s natural desires. I don’t have a solution in mind. It’s a zero sum game. If men get everything they want, women lose, and vice versa. And there’s no real middle ground because that would look like tweeting a picture of your junk with your underpants still on. Some things just don’t have a compromise solution.

I can’t tell you how much this paragraph irritates me. She fulfills his needs. SHE. FULFILLS. HIS. NEEDS.

How about: if a man meets and marries the right woman THEY FULFILL EACH OTHER’S NEEDS. That’s what a real relationship is, and I’m sorry if you’ve never experienced that and have a misconception about what it is a woman is supposed to do and be. Now, I’ve also never been in this kind of relationship. But I know people who are in these relationships – a relationship of equals. They respect and love each other and fulfill each other’s needs.

If a married man cheats on his wife IT IS NOT HER FAULT because she didn’t FULILL HIS NEEDS. It IS his fault for not respecting his wife enough to talk about any marital problems – problems that (and this could be her fault) she was oblivious about.

Likewise, if a married woman cheats on her husband, it’s her fault for not respecting her husband.

Long term, I think science will come up with a drug that keeps men chemically castrated for as long as they are on it. It sounds bad, but I suspect that if a man loses his urge for sex, he also doesn’t miss it. Men and women would also need a second drug that increases oxytocin levels in couples who want to bond.  Copulation will become extinct. Men who want to reproduce will stop taking the castration drug for a week, fill a few jars with sperm for artificial insemination, and go back on the castration pill.

This completely shows that Scott Adams simply does not understand women.  Men are not the only ones who desire sex, and, again, I’m sorry if he’s just not getting enough. Women desire sex too. Sex feels amazing, so no. It will never go out of style.

And, BTW, Scott Adams should read up on pedophilia since drugs like that already exist:

The three classes of medications most often used to treat pedophilia (and other paraphilias) are: female hormones, particularly medroxyprogesterone acetate, or MPA; luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH) agonists, which include such drugs as triptorelin (Trelstar), leuprolide acetate, and goserelin acetate; and anti-androgens, which block the uptake and metabolism of testosterone as well as reducing blood levels of this hormone. Most clinical studies of these drugs have been done in Germany, where the legal system has allowed their use in treating repeat sexual offenders since the 1970s. The anti-androgens in particular have been shown to be effective in reducing the rate of recidivism.

Surgical castration is sometimes offered as a treatment to pedophiles who are repeat offenders or who have pleaded guilty to violent rape.

Read more: Pedophilia – children, causes, DSM, functioning, therapy, adults, person, people

So. Just a few points to reiterate things:

  1. Any modern society that frowns on “men’s instincts” is a society that has evolved from constructs made by men
  2. There are plenty of men who, in fact, do not cheat
  3. Women cheat too
  4. If a man cheats on his wife, it is not her fault because she didn’t “fulfill his needs”
  5. Women like sex too.
In conclusion, Scott Adams: way to be a misogynist.

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