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BBBAAAAAWWWWW is the sound they make…. that's descriptive enough, right?

Super excited for the Tony’s! …I usually am… it’s like my own little holiday. I even made a drinking game surrounding it. If you want the rules, let me know. They’re quite simple, and gauranteed to get you trashed.

Anyway, I thought I would talk about Tony Predictions:

For Best Play, I’m going to go with War Horse, for the singular reason that I’ve seen it. That’s how I roll. I was thoroughly impressed with War Horse. While maybe the story wasn’t the deepest thing ever (according to an economics major in one of my classes, so, pfft, what does he know?) it’s certainly captivating. You get caught up in the emotion and the characters, and the puppetry is absolutely amazing, to the point that you forget the War Horse isn’t a real horse.

Best Musical I think will be The Scottsboro Boys, because the theater crowd has been buzzing about it. If it’s not The Scottsboro Boys, then I think it’ll be Book of Mormon, because the theater world loves to hate religion. I know nothing about Catch Me If You Can (is it based on the movie?) or Sister Act… Sister Act is too new, and based on a movie, and there’s a huge backlash about that going on right now, moreso with the dramaturges, and people actually making theater than the people who put up the money to make theater.

Best Book of a Musical I’m voting for (you know I don’t actually vote in the Tony’s right? That’s just a figure of speech) Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson. It was hugely popular this summer, and everyone talked about it. Everyone. Even people who didn’t know much about the theater were talking about it. I’m surprised it was nominated for Best Musical actually, because that would have been a gimme. Generally I think anything other than Sister Act will win. The big money’s on Bloody Bloody…, but I could see either Book of Mormon or Scottsboro Boys taking it, by some fluke, though I think whichever would take Best Musical won’t take Best Book.

Best Original Score I think will go to Book of Mormon. Again, there IS  a lot of buzz, Trey Parker and Matt Stone are known for irreverance, which the theater world loves, and I don’t think anyone could forget the letter Stepehen Sondheim sent to them after the South Park movie, saying how much he liked their songs. I see Alan Menken worked on Sister Act, and is one of those names, but again… based on a movie… Not that that can’t be done well, David Yazbek is also nominated and has worked on two shows based on movies, rather successfully. This I think is a toss up. So, while I think it’ll go to Book of Mormon, I actually hope it goes to Yazbek.

Best Revival of a Play I think will go to The Merchant of Venice. The Public has proven that it’s still relevant with another production of their summer shows coming to Broadway, and being highly acclaimed. I’m sure it helped that Al Pacino was in it, as Sly iirc (but I could be wrong). So… Merchant of Venice because I haven’t even heard a thing about the other 3.

Best Revival of a Musical is a toss up also. There are only two so I don’t know what I can really go on here. I know Daniel Radcliffe is a well known name, and in the acting world deservedly so. He was highly prasied when he was in Equus, but I know nothing about his strength as a leading man in a musical, and if he can carry such a role successfully. I don’t know anything about the current production of Anything Goes, except recently, during Fleet Week, one of the sailor guys (like, an actual one, not one in the show) proposed to his girlfriend. So that was nice. I’ll throw my hate in the ring for Anything Goes though because I like that song.

Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Play may very well go to Al Pacino. I don’t have much else to say on this topic, because it may not go to Al Pacino because it’s Al Pacino, you know? He’s the only performance here I can actually vouch for as being awesome.

Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in a Play I give it to Vanessa Redgrave. I don’t have a reason. I just like her.

Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Musical Norbert. I would change this to Best Norbert Leo Butz being Norbert Leo Butz. I love the man.

Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in a Musical hopefully Sutton Foster. I love her voice. But I don’t know the other ladies.

Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Role in a Play is I don’t even know what the hell. Arian Moayed. Cause I can spell it.

Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Role in a Play Edie Falco. She went to my Alma Mater… well, my semi-alma mater. I didn’t actually graduate from Purchase.

Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Role in a Musical Rory O’Malley. I like the name Rory. I’m a geek.

Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Role in a Musical Patti LuPone. She’s Patti LuPone. I’d say Victoria Clark, but. Sister Act booooo

Best Direction of a Play War Horse. LOVE WAR HORSE.

Best Direction of a Musical…. hmmmmm….. Stroman for Scottsboro Boys. I like Susan Stroman.

Best Choreography Stroman again. I like Susam Stroman.

Best Orchestrations I legitimately have no idea since I haven’t actually heard any of these. Book of Mormon cause.

Best Scenic Design of a Play WAR HORSE WAR HORSE WAR HORSE!!!!

Best Scenic Design of a Musical …Uhhhh…. Bloody Bloody.

Best Costume Design of a Play Le Bete. It’s french.

Best Costume Design of a Musical Uhhhh…. Priscilla probably.

Best Lighting Design of a Play War Horse! God! Love this!

Best Lighting Design of a Musical …. Book of Mormon

Best Sound Design of a Play War Hose!

Best Sound Design of a Musical Book of Mormon

Special Tony Award® for Lifetime Achievement in the Theatre Fugard. Why not.

Regional Theatre Tony Award® Lookingglass

Tony Honors for Excellence in the Theatre Sharon Jensen and Alliance for Inclusion in the Arts

Next Week, we’ll see how wrong I was! (I’m usually very wrong)


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