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BBBAAAAAWWWWW is the sound they make…. that's descriptive enough, right?

The art world and I have a love hate relationship… well, at the best of times it’s a love-hate relationship. Actually, I think it can better be described as a “Fuck you pretentious douche bags”-“I am so awesome you just don’t understand me” relationship.

If there was one thing I learned from my art class last semester it’s that Art isn’t about content or context or talent. It’s about your ability to bull shit.

Artists take an elitist stance and elevate themselves above the masses and do stupid shit and call it “Art” because they can.

What got my dander up today?

Store Buyout.

"A brown liquid in red and white aluminium container"

In a nutshell: some jagoffs got together and decided they wanted to buy out a store. Because they’re all artists they like to visit bodegas and mom-and-pops because it helps them feel connected to the real people, and one of their “friends” who runs a bodega one of them frequents let them know that he was going to have to close down.

Now, I’m not making light of the fact that this man has to abandon his shop: if these were the best circumstances, he might be retiring and looking to go out of business (one can only hope, the website doesn’t specify as to why this man needs to close shop), but in these economic times, it’s not hard to imagine that he simply can’t afford to run his store anymore; if it’s the latter, then this was not an easy time for him,

But, in rushes theses “artists” who have decided that buying out an entire store would be a fabulous artistic statement.

Now, the money they used to buy out his store was, hopefully, a windfall for him: he had some money he could use while getting another source of income (or else, the just gave him more money for him to retire on… again, don’t know specifics, just throwing out alternatives).

They buyout his store and decided to repurpose “as convenient art”.

They have a gallery showing. With no specifics, I can only guess that this i a gallery full of the things they bought, and probably the buying itself, since it was recorded.

But I have a real, honest to goodness, question here:

Why was this necessary at all? What does this teach any one? What kind of light does this shine on the human condition? All it really becomes is a shrine to waste and consumerism.

More importantly, and something that is also not talked about:

What did these “Artists” decide to do with the food they purchased from this bodega? I assume that there was food, because I always see food in these little stores. Maybe not tons, but some.

If the answer is anything other than “donated it to the Food Bank” then this becomes less about whatever it is they’re trying to say (Assuming that there was a message there in the first place) and more about them as people: self-involved, arrogant, elitist assholes.

Like I said. Me and the art world don’t get a long too well.

If this is your kind of thing though… god help you… then you can check out One Red Paperclip

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