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BBBAAAAAWWWWW is the sound they make…. that's descriptive enough, right?

I feel like I should just rename this blog to Spoiler Warning because I fully intend to spoil the shit out of ME2 at the moment, and I’m likely going to spoil more video games  and movies and books and… comic strips?… because I can’t keep my big mouth shut.

But, About Horizon…

…and the unrealistic options given for Shepherd to do/say.

I am not silent at all about my love of BioWare, however, Horizon has bothered me for a bit.

Here’s the set up:

In Mass Effect 1 there was a slow build up between initial attraction and falling for your chosen love interest. For me, it was Kaidan (Carth 2.0), and because of the way my mind works, I kind of fill in the blanks a game can’t possibly include. But the culmination of everything is that in Mass Effect 2, you die.

You die, you’re rebuilt, and suddenly it’s 2 years later.

2 years after being dead, you meet Kaidan (or Ashley… but for the purposes of this blog, this situation refers to a female Shepherd and Kaidan Alenko… Shenko apparently) on Horizon.

The first problem with this is that there’s a slow hug… not a romantic hug, not a “I’ve been looking for you!” hug, not even a “Yo’re real, you’re not a ghost, I can’t believe it, and I’m desperate to hold onto you” hug. It’s more of a “slow recognition, oh it’s you, yeah I remember you” hug. So that’s the first lame thing.

Second are the dialogue options. They boil down roughly to:

“How’ve ya been” and

“What’s up, you mad bro?”

There was no “I’ve missed you so much” option. Which isn’t such a huge leap in logic, and would be a nice little acknowledgement of the carried over romance.

Next on the list of complaints about this scene is when Kaidan does say “I loved you”

There is no

“Loved?” dialogue option. Cause that sort of stuck out to me. Perhaps it’s a matter of not wanting this to be a soap opera, or not wanting to spend too much time on the ME1 love interest, or because you’re on Horizon and sorta have shit to do… but come on! The buildup in ME1 suggests that the night with Kaidan before Ilos meant as much to Shepherd to him (of course, that’s my own personal interpretation, you may have your own).

“Loved” stands out, and it wouldn’t take too much to add a little tree where Shepherd goes:

Shep: (hurt/confused) Loved?

Kaidan: Well… that doesn’t matter now does it?

Not hard, a quick little nod to the feelings they share two extra lines of dialogue and they can move back onto more important things.

But that’s not even the biggest upset. The biggest upset is that there’s not really a grief period for Shepherd.

Kaidan, for all intents and purposes, just dumped her when she didn’t even know there was an issue. She should be hurt and fucking pissed off.

Where’s the eat ice cream and sulk period? And where’s the moment when Kelly tells her to cheer up and takes her for a girls’ night out where they get plastered and Shepherd has angry sex with every guy she sees just to prove to Kaidan that she’s entirely capable of moving on and attracting other men? Where’s the “parading around with hot men around the Citadel so that word can get back to Kaidan that she’s seeing someone super hot and he gets jealous” period?

On the bright side, the fact that there is no kind of grief period, and then Kaidan sends and email saying some non-committal, but emotionally present stuff, means that my Shepherd has a lot less regrets.

And don’t try to tell me that Thane, Jacob, and Garrus are there for angry fucking. They’re not. They’re there for romance, and that don’t jive.

…and there’s still no eat ice cream and cry period.

…but at least Kasumi’s room has a bar to get drunk at.


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