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The Home of the Cyber Shark(s)

BBBAAAAAWWWWW is the sound they make…. that's descriptive enough, right?

I am working on a proper blog post because I would like to blog something everyday, and because it is almost midnight where I am, and I am not done with it, I wanted to post something. So I want to introduce you to my rats, Brisby and Basil

Brisby Says Hi

Basil, however, is more interested in that corner

I bought them on September 1st, so that is officially their birthday as far as I’m concerned, and their tails are sooo long! I’m also just crazy about their front paws.

I used to like the movei Ratatouille – and I still do, though that in no way influenced my decision on buying rats. What sold me on them was learning about them as pets.They’re smart and funny and playful and like to be interacted with.

Basil likes being held, and Brisby does not. She instead prefers to run away from my hand, unless there’s food in it, or climb up it and go for a run around the house. Or really the dirty laundry, because that’s the only place I allow them to play since they have to stay in my room.

My girls are adorable and great and I love them to death!

Best picture I could take of Basil.

Basil I decided to name after Basil the Siberian Filigree Hamster who was named after Basil Fawlty in Fawlty Towers. I had the names picked out already, but when they came home, Basil seemed so unsure and scared as opposed to her sister, who ws climbing around the cage, exploring and being a brave little ratty-face, so Basil fell to my tan and white, who is super cuddly and enjoys lounging on my shoulder or head.


Brisby is brave. She enjoys exploring and running and all of that, but is petrified of loud noises, sudden movements, and a I think changes in the ambient lighting – light when it goes from total dark to total light, or vice versa, she seems to get a little startled. Sometimes I can get her chill out when she is away from my room and the cage is not in sight. She’ll find a corner to hide in and I can stroke her head a bit and she’ll relax. Once she fell asleep, but I thik waking up in a place that was not her cage freaked her out.

Sometimes when my rats play, they squeak, and sometimes their squeaks sound some something a baby elephant the size of a rat would make.



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