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The Home of the Cyber Shark(s)

BBBAAAAAWWWWW is the sound they make…. that's descriptive enough, right?

Hello Interwebs that probably aren’t reading this. Anyway, what you should know about this blog thing is that there IS  a Team Cyber Shark. It consists of me and some other people as I see fit. And we do nothing really interesting in particular, but that’s no reason not to have a blog because everyone else on the internet is doing it, and I think we’re awesome people.

Of course, we are all awesome people, but unlike my awesome friends, I have no job right now. And I’m typically a homebody because going outside is a scary prospect. What if I get lost? Or have no money to get home so I have to walk over the Verazzano Bridge only to get hit by a car, survive, and then fall off the bridge because I have poor balance even when not being struck by a car, at night, and mutate into some horrible murlock or something and can never step on land again?

I’m pretty sure my pet rats would die for one, since my room’s an absolute disaster area and no one wants to enter it, even if it is to take care of rodents. Also, no one wants to take care of rodents.

The point being that when I’m not spending all day sleeping, or cursing out Final Fantasy X (shut up, I just bought myself a PS2 when I did have an income), or looking at craigslist for jobs, I’m not usually out. So I needed something to occupy my time. So now there’s this.




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